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Fiber Processing

Our original fiber processing technology is utilized in nearly all aspects of everyday life.

Treatment Effects Main Components
Skin-safe (for people with atopic dermatitis) Antibacterial/deodorizing, anti-tick and moisture-retaining Hinokitiol, mugwort
Mosquito-repellent Repels mosquitoes Eucalyptus citriodora
Moisture-retaining Retains moisture Trehalose, chitosan
Antistatic Prevents static electricity Trehalose, chitosan
Liquid-absorbing/fast- drying Absorbs liquid and dries fast Liquid-absorbing/fast- drying finisher
Deodorizing Deodorizing, UV-resistant, etc. Photocatalytic titanium oxide
Heat retention / thermal storage Heat retention / thermal storage Heat-ray absorbent
Heat generation Heat generation Moisture-absorbing/heat- generating agent
Nonenal Prevention of aging-body odor Chitosan
Minus ion Relaxation, stabilizing of autonomic nerves, etc. Rare earth ores
Sweater pill prevention Prevention of pill-forming on mole fur products, etc. Microcapsules
Cool feel Cool feeling Menthol
Xylitol Lowers body temperature (heat absorption) Xylitol
Indoor hanging of laundry Odor elimination/prevention Silver ion
Wool-damaging insects repellent Prevents insects from damaging sweaters Lavender
Body shaping Body shaping Grapefruit
Body toning Body toning Conjugated linoleic acid
Vitamin C Whitening, anti-wrinkling Vitamin C
Anti-pollen Prevents pollen attachment Pollen attachment inhibitor
Squalane Skin oil replenishment and metabolism enhancement Natural squalane
Nano Stain-resistant, water-repellent and oil-repellent Water repellent
Germanium Blood circulation enhancement (easing of symptoms related to poor circulation, including stiff muscles and various pains) Germanium ore

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